Giving Back Through Learning, Trivia, and Baseball

February 24, 2020

In this blog entry, James Davie of Brown Advisory and member of LxG's Emerging Leaders Council, shared with us his experience in helping oversee the ELC's first fundraising event of the year, For the Love of Giving! Trivia, on February 6th, 2020. 

On the evening of February 6th many of Boston’s future superstars descended on Clery’s Restaurant to meet other people as cool as themselves while raising funds to put into the hands of this country’s next generation of philanthropic torchbearers poised to make a lasting impact in their communities. Once they made it past the paparazzi and into the event there was a lot of autographs, jersey swaps, and selfies...OK - these folks were not actually celebrities in the traditional sense, but by donating their time and resources to be helpful to those less fortunate they became celebrities in our book.

The event, For the Love of Giving! Trivia, was hosted by LxG’s Emerging Leaders Council – our goal is to bring together young people to learn about the effectiveness of LxG’s experiential philanthropy model and help us tell the story to an exponentially larger audience. Everyone is fortunate in some way, but for many folks in our communities the things they are fortunate for are heavily outweighed by the challenges they are asked to overcome without the support they need to do so. By teaching the next generation of givers on how to give effectively, and asking them to decide how grant money is allocated to the non-profits in their community, LxG is making double the impact – getting resources to those that need it while training a new generation of philanthropists.

Heavy-hitter Bekah Salwasser, Executive Director of the Red Sox Foundation (and actually a former celebrity athlete), was generous enough to join the event, share the important work that the Red Sox Foundation is doing, and led our trivia questions for the evening - we thank her so much for her time. Her message around aligning your community involvement with your passion resonated with us; LxG is helping young professionals from across the country discover their passion and inform their philanthropy. 

Attendees walked away with fun raffle prizes (a cooler, foam roller, and even a signed baseball by Xander Bogaerts) and a better understanding of philanthropy and giving back. 

So if you’re still reading this you obviously want to learn more. Consider joining the LearnGive Network to stay connected and get exclusive digital content on philanthropy education. And of course, we’ll see you at our next event!