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United South End Settlement (USES)

USES’s mission is to harness the power of our diverse community to disrupt the cycle of poverty for children and their families

COVID-19 Response

USES boasts a handful of programs that have emerged as a result of COVID-19. Virtual one on one coaching with families has continued to provide needed assistance. USES has also launched remote activities for cooking, art, and other activities. The neighbor2neighbor Mini Grant Program to help pay for food, rent/marriage, utilities, and child care. There is also a neighbor2neighbor food delivery program to provide families with grocery-related needs.


United South End Settlements designs programs to help families sustain economic mobility. USES believes that through fulfilling their mission, there can be a significant disruption in the cycle of poverty. Through programming, coaching, and the development of social capital, USES looks to provide families with the support needed to reach their financial goals. With USES’ four settlement houses, services such as daycare, education, and healthcare are provided for families of low-income backgrounds in order for them to gain a foothold. USES acknowledges the difficulties faced by families in these situations and their work looks to assuage this reality.


With a varying collection of community partners and supporters, USES receives coordinated assistance from established institutions, non-profit organizations, and businesses. This opens the opportunity to families to explore a wide range of programming catered to increase financial literacy, provide child care services, as well as opportunities for children and young adults.


USES has been around since 1961. After showing losses between $400,000 and $700,000 in tax year 2014 and 2015, USES has increased its revenue significantly in the last two available tax years to show a positive net operating margin. Maicharia Weir Little has been the CEO since 2015, and USES has a large and diverse board.

Excellence in Management and Operations

USES’ Board of Directors includes a diverse set of individuals with varying experiences. Their Board reflects the community it intends to serve, individuals of all backgrounds who are in need of building financial longevity.