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Silver Lining Mentoring

Silver Lining Mentoring empowers youth in foster care to thrive through committed mentoring relationships and the development of essential life skills. We are the only mentoring organization in Massachusetts, and one of the few in the country exclusively focused on youth impacted by foster care

COVID-19 Response

SLM acknowledges that food, educational, and housing insecurities have been exacerbated by the pandemic. SLM has been working to supply laptops and other necessary materials to individuals in the program to ensure students are keeping up with school. SLM has also worked to distribute essential products that have become less and less accessible. Mentors and mentees have also been able to stay connected virtually despite the inability to congregate in person.


Silver Lining Mentoring is an organization that caters its services to children in the foster care system. Through community based mentoring, Silver Lining Mentees are provided with an opportunity to share their stories and grow with an adult who has been trained as a social worker. Their Learn & Earn program is a 12-week program for young adults that focuses on topics related to employment and financial literacy. The final aspect of Silver Lining Mentoring lies within its Young Adult Services providing individualized support to those receiving services.


According to research displayed on their website, matches under the SLM program last an average of 55 months, six times the national average. SLM program alumni are also 7 times more likely to graduate college. Through mentorship, SLM provides opportunities for foster care youth, who otherwise, may have not gotten the attention and resources needed to sustain their wellbeing.


Silver Lining Mentoring was founded in 2001, and has grown significantly over the past ~20 years. Currently, the organization raises/spends right around $1.7 million annually. Their operating margin has fluctuated over the past 3 years as they’ve scaled up their staff around 50% in that same timeframe. Their staff and board are listed on the website.

Excellence in Management and Operations

By nature, SLM caters to a diverse set of individuals with varying experiences and identities. This is promoted through the management of the organization as principles of commitment, community, innovation, cultural responsiveness, and gratitude are the driving factors in shaping the management and cultural atmosphere of the organization.