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Mission Hill Health Movement

The Mission Hill Health Movement strives to improve the health of Mission Hill Residents and the Community through partnerships, collaborations, education and health and wellness activities and programs.

COVID-19 Response

MHHM does not have any clear programming regarding a response to the coronavirus pandemic. While this may be true, their website provides resources that directly relate to the coronavirus pandemic.


The Mission Hill Health Movement operates as an organization to promote the health of Mission Hill residents. Through partnerships with local community organizations, as well as with educational and health-care related institutions, MHHM has cultivated a network in the community of Mission Hill that centers its focus on the health and wellness of these individuals. MHHM is also unique in that it includes partners who focus on specific issues regarding air quality and substance abuse prevention. With an expansive and diverse network, the MHHM assures that their knowledge and resources are supported by professionals with relative expertise.


The Mission Hill Health Movement operates within the Boston Neighborhood of Mission Hill to promote the health of residents in the neighborhood who live in close proximity to some of the best health care professionals in the world, but are not able to access those resources. Based on combating health issues like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes that impact communities across the country, the Mission Hill Health movement focuses on increasing the availability of fresh produce through Farmers Markets, a Fair Foods program that distributes bags of food for $2 every Wednesday, and a community garden that is currently under construction.


The Mission Hill Health Movement has been around since the 1960s, but recently became a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Looking at the last three tax returns available, Mission Hill Health Movement has reported slight operating losses between $50,000-$100,000. They do have a reserve amount of assets in cash which they have been using to fund that variance. Overall, the cost of programming seems to be fairly lean running under $100,000 annually. The Board is listed on their website.

Excellence in Management and Operations

The Mission Hill Health Movement operates with five committees. This includes the program committee which establishes programs for MHHM and the community, the financial committee that works with the Executive Director and oversees the finances of the organization, the building committee responsible for the upkeep of the organization’s office space at 1534 Tremont Street, the personnel committee responsible for staffing the organization, and the health status, a joint committee with representatives from Brigham and Women’s Hospital to assess and evaluate health conditions, health services, and health needs in the community. There is also a Board of Directors that composes the leadership of the organization.