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Victory Programs

Victory Programs opens doors to recovery, hope and community to individuals and families facing homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction and chronic illnesses like HIV/AIDS

COVID-19 Response

Victory Programs were deemed an essential service provider and remained under operation during the pandemic. For this reason, their programming has not changed at all. Victory programs set up a “Keep Our Red Doors Open Campaign” with a goal of raising $125,000 by June 30. As of June 23, Victory Programs had raised $124,224 of their intended goal. On their website, Victory Programs also outlines specific amounts for programming that they intend to implement with the donations they receive, including $500 for laptops to supplement remote learning & counseling.


With an individualized approach to the programming of Victory programs, they are able to cater to the needs of each client while also placing them with a group of individuals who share similar situations and aspirations. This critical stage of community building ensures those going through Victory Programs are not alone. Victory Programs understands that their clients are victims of larger and more robust systemic and societal problems. For this reason, Victory programs has engaged in advocacy to address public policy and to create funding streams targeted to end homelessness and to address the root cause.


Victory programs provide 17 health and housing programs to individuals dealing with homelessness, substance abuse, and other chronic health conditions such as HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C. The health, housing, and prevention programs around the city of Boston provide those who are experiencing difficulties due to the realities stated above. Victory programs understand that it may be a last resort for individuals who cannot access housing or a rehabilitation center. Instead, Victory programs look towards cementing progress in the lives of these individuals with a strong community presence.


Victory Programs has been around since 1976. Victory Programs has had revenue around $11 million annual over the past 4 years of available tax returns. Their expenses have fluctuated a bit, but overall they are net positive on their operating margin. The leadership team, including the CEO has been in place for at least the last four years.

Excellence in Management and Operations

Victory Programs works with a wide range of individuals from diverse backgrounds. In order to ensure that clients are not receiving unfair treatment, “services are individualized and person-driven, focused on strengths, and support people in establishing individualized goals”. The leadership of the organization, including the Board of Directors operate with this in mind and cultivate a culture to promote the execution and assertion of these values.