Doris Buffett started the Learning by Giving Foundation (LxG) in order to cultivate a new generation of philanthropists who are not only leaders inside the classroom, but leaders in their community as well. In honor of our 15th anniversary in 2018, Learning by Giving launched a new scholarship program in partnership with universities, high schools and sports foundations nationwide. The Learn.Lead.Give Scholarship program offers young people the opportunity to attend college, and be exposed to opportunities and experiences that will allow them to become leaders in their local community. For more information, please contact

LxG | Boston Red Sox Foundation Partnership

Learning by Giving Foundation partnered with the Red Sox Foundation and MITThe Red Sox Foundation’s Boston Red Sox Scholars program targets high-performing, low-income students from Boston and provides them with six years of support to get them ready – and through – a four-year college. Now, LxG provides full-tuition for any scholar that gets into MIT for their entire four years, as well as a paid internship with the Boston Red Sox and LxG during the summer. As a Learn.Lead.Give Scholar, these young leaders not only have access to some of the best education in their hometown of Boston, but also have the opportunity to take a LxG course at MIT. 


LxG | San Francisco 49ers Foundation Partnership

Learning by Giving Foundation partnered with the 49ers Foundation, Silicon Valley Education FoundationStanford University, and University of California, Berkeley. The 49ers Foundation’s STEM Leadership Institute (SLI) is a six-year program that prepares students with high academic potential to be outstanding, and become the future leaders in their fields. In 2018, LxG launched the LxG High School Program, a 3 year pilot program that teaches students from Santa Clara High School in California the art, science, and business of philanthropic giving. Students who complete the LxG program at the high school level will be eligible to apply for a Learn.Lead.Give scholarship. Upon acceptance, one student per year from this pool of applicants will be awarded a Learn.Lead.Give scholarship, full-tuition for four years to either Stanford University or University of California, Berkeley – two Bay Area universities which participate in LxG at the collegiate level. To learn more about the partnership, click here. To watch Executive Director Amy Kingman speak about the partnership, click here.


Learn.Lead.Give Scholars Spotlight | Jeremy Cowham

Jeremy Cowham is rising junior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) studying Computer Science and Engineering with a minor in Management.  Turning 20 years old later this July, Jeremy has spent most of his life in and around the city of Boston.  He grew up in Dorchester, MA where he attended the Taylor Elementary School in Mattapan, a place he would later return to during high school as a volunteer.  Moving to Quincy, MA in sixth grade, Jeremy attended Milton Academy for both middle school and high school where he developed a passion for soccer, improv, speech team, and French, each contributing to his growing personal confidence.  In high school as a junior, Jeremy’s introductory computer programming class spurred his interest in pursuing computer science, as he would later do in college.  His senior season with the Milton Academy Varsity Soccer Team, he started in goal for the Mustangs, helping them go undefeated and win the ISL and NEPSAC championships, as well as the ISL sportsmanship award.  He would also earn the French Prize and Head of School Award as a graduating senior.

These days, Jeremy is pursuing research involving techno-economic analysis of battery technologies at the MIT Energy Initiative.  At MIT, in addition to his classes, he also plays of the varsity soccer team, performs in an improv troupe, and works with a student business association.  In his free time, he loves playing chess, working out, and exploring nature.