Cate Latz

Cate Latz is the Advising Co-chair of LxG’s Emerging Leaders Council. Cate has over 5 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, specifically in fundraising/grant writing, corporate and foundation relations, and prospect management and research. Cate was a student in a Learning by Giving class at Providence College in 2013, which is largely responsible for her career start in higher education fundraising. Cate is not only the Assistant Director of Advancement Services at Providence College, but also co-teaches the Learning by Giving course there as well. She also sits on the Board of Directors for Capitol City Community Centers in Providence.

Originally from Chicago, IL, Cate moved to Providence, RI in 2009 to attend Providence College. She holds dual degrees from Providence College – a BA in Public & Community Service Studies with a focus in nonprofit management, and an MBA with a focus in operations management.